Saturday, July 09, 2005

Indian Industry

The indian IT industry is one of the fastest growing in the world. This single statement doesn't come even close to the actual implications of the fact. India and IT are like internet and information. Neither would be what it is today without the help of the other. Hard to believe that a country only 20 years ago was considered the black spot in asia is today the driver of growth in the region, isn't it?

What's more is that this emergence is not restricted to IT and IT enabled services alone. It can be seen in Telecom, Automotive and most recently Aviation sectors. The telecom sector is the fastest growing sector in the country. Ever since the telecom industry was opened to private players, it has seen a sharp rise in revenues and investments. Phone charges here are among the lowest in the world. The private players like Airtel, Escotel, Hutch, BPL, etc. have forced the public sector telecom giant BSNL to improve itself and unlike in most other sectors, this PSU actually leads the private players. All the latest techno advances are seen in this sector and it is growing furiously. A sign of this spurt in growth is the proliferations of the mobile into the daily life of rural India where even low-key farmers have mobiles.

Automobile is another huge emerging industry. Where only 10 years ago, the only cars seen on the roads were the humble Maruti 800 and the antique Ambassador, today we see cars ranging from the Hyundai Santro(4 Lakh Rupees or $9,500) to the Bentley Continental Flying Spur(2 Crore Rupees or $500,000). Coincidently, Maruti Suzuki's(previously Maruti) has released a new car the Swift. Now this car is maThe Maruti Swiftking waves not only for its looks but also for its high-end specs at low-end prices. But the shocker is that these waves are created in better developed countries like England. Way to go Maruti!!!

The recent opening up of the Aviation sector has caused a lot of industry Big-Weights to launch private Airlines to compete for the Indian aviation pie. These airlines (like SpiceJet, IndiGo, Kingfisher, etc.) are causing a shortage of trained pilots. The shortage currently amounts upto more than 3000 pilots. This has increased poaching among them and the salaries of pilots have gone up almost 100%. A good time to be a pilot, huh?


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